Workplace Mediation (mediation at work)

Our Workplace Mediation Service can help to resolve workplace Disputes without resorting to formal tribunals.

With Workplace disputes, mediators act as neutral facilitators to listen, ask questions and encourage the parties to explore solutions in a constructive and confidential environment. Workplace Mediation not only helps to resolve conflict, it can help to build better relationships to the benefit of employees and the business.

Typically, the mediation process will involve:

  • Separate pre-meetings between the mediators and each person/party involved. At this point the participants are asked to sign an to mediate, if they wish to continue with the mediation.
  • On the day the mediator will see each party individually to hear their story
  • The participants then prepare personal statements assisted by the mediators.
  • Following the exchange of the statements, the mediators facilitate confidential discussions between the parties.
  • The discussions are focussed on exploring the issues so that a positive, workable, and sustainable agreement can be reached which addresses future communication and working practices.
  • The agreement is confidential, however,

The benefits of workplace mediation for a business include a saving in both time and money in resolving issues, along with increased employee satisfaction and productivity. For an employee who feels unfairly treated, disrespected or regularly overlooked, mediation provides an opportunity to talk through and agree positive measures that will address the cause of the discontent or concern going forward.

We can help resolve your workplace dispute, use the contact form or pick up the phone and talk to us in confidence.

Workplace Disputes

Many people spend a large part of their time at work interacting with other members of staff and managers.  Relationships can breakdown with adverse consequences for both the individuals concerned and business. The causes of these difficulties include:

  • Personality clashes
  • Different expectations
  • Workload
  • Different values
  • Resentment and grudges
  • Personal aggression
  • Preferential treatment or bias
  • Poor communication

The consequence of these issues can be serious for all concerned and can affect health, absenteeism, productivity and quality.

Our Workplace Mediation Service is available to employers and employees and can help to resolve differences between work colleagues without resorting to formal tribunals. Contact us using the contact page.” type=’text/javascript’> src=” type=’text/javascript’>