Workplace Disputes

Conflict is an inevitable part of live. So much of our life is spent within a work environment, interacting with co-workers, managers, other team members, international team members, senior management.

The causes of these difficulties may include one or more:-

  • Personality clashes
  • Poor communication
  • Different expectations
  • Workload
  • Different values
  • Resentment and grudges
  • Personal aggression
  • Preferential treatment or bias

The consequence of these issues can be serious for all concerned and can affect health, absenteeism, low productivity, low morale that can permeate to other areas of the business.

Besides repairing relationships, workplace mediation is proven to make employees happier by focusing on people rather than results.

For the employees involved, the impact of mediation goes beyond the facilitation:

  • It boosts productivity
  • It reduces anxiety and stress
  • It avoids dismissal and recruitment

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