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However, the average has risen for the years 1991 through 2020. If youd rather ski down a mountain than laze on the beach, then you need to vacation where it stays chilly 24/7! The report also reveals that the rise in temperature in these regions is 10 times faster than the global average. GREENLAND 5. In this article, we discuss the 25 coldest countries in the world. Estonia lies in the transition zone between Continental and Oceanic climates. According to a paper published in the journal of Environmental Sustainability, 4 10^21 frozen pathogens are being released into the environment annually due to the melting permafrost. You just made my day! Iceland is characterized by a Polar Tundra climate and consequently, remains cold throughout the year. The coldest temp ever recorded in Canada occurred in February 1947, when the city of Snag, Yukon fell to -81 degrees Fahrenheit, or -63 degrees Celsius! Theres significant awareness in Danish people regarding the urgency to transition to clean energy and consequently, companies like First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: FSLR), Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGI), Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), and SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) are significantly popular in the country. During those times, the temperature in Belarus can drop to -22 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 to -40 degrees Celsius). So companies like. p. 8. Mongolia. Austria is a European country that lies in the temperate climate zone. We have a separate post looking at the hottest countries in the world. In any case, severe cold spells are still possible, albeit they are less common and likely to be shorter than in the past. 1. 6. I promise to never bombard you with emails or share your personal information. With yearly average temps that stay below zero, you know Mongolia will have you shaking in your snow boots! In all, the country includes three primary regions: The Swiss Plateau/Central Plateau located in the north, the Alps in the south, and the Jura Mountains in the northwest. Let's not forget that these Canadian cities have the worst winters in, y'know, Canada. The country is known for the world's most prolonged winter sessions of around 100 days in the southwest and 200 days in northern Lapland. Why Is Google Earth Blurry When I Zoom In? ANTARCTICA LIST OF TOP 10 WORLD COLDEST COUNTRIES: TOP 10 COLDEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD -HIT LIST Consequently, it is a little less cold for its location in the north due to Oceanic influences but still gets significantly colder in winters. The regions with Ice Cap climates, as the name implies, remain covered in Ice Caps. Temperatures in Lapland often fall to -49 degrees Fahrenheit, or -45 degrees Celsius. This is due to the presence of warm South American ocean currents that travel toward the country. Many people dont associate Denmark with super cold countries, so you might be surprised at just how cold it gets! Temperatures in the country's lower elevations range from 30.2 to 37.4 F in January, while in the higher sections, like the mountains of the eastern Pamirs, it can be as low as 5 to 4 F in the same month. Here's a list of the coldest countries on the planet. January is the coldest month historically, but February has shown more teeth in recent years. There are two sub-types of the polar climate: namely, the Tundra Climate and the Ice Cap Climate. Minus 43.5C (-46.3F) is the lowest temperature ever recorded. Be sure to follow my tips for heating a tent safely! The capital Nuuks average daily temperature varies from -8 C (18 F) in February to 7 C (45 F) in July. Summers in the mountainous areas, hills, and valleys are mild. Much of Russia is characterized by mild summers and very long, cold, snowy, and frosty winters. Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir. 2. Despite its location in the far north, Canada boasts abundant flora and lakes, unlike its frozen neighbor, Greenland. Denmark is a Nordic country that is characterized by a temperate climate with an oceanic hint. Again with the long, harsh, and paralyzing winters, the Nordic country in Northern Europe crushes the ninth spot on this list. There are massive glaciers and snowfields in Tajikistan at high altitudes, and the driest and most desert-like places are east and southwest. Harbins average high temperature in January is -13C (8F), and its average low temperature is -25C (-13F). 4.Greenland- Below zero degrees Celsius. The highest temperature ever recorded in Athens and Europe was 48 C in July 1977. It is interesting how nature loves to play with extremes, including the magnificent Aurora Borealis, visible from several countries. Botanischer Garten is known for . Antarctica (Coldest temperatures in the world) Antarctica has the distinction of being the world's coldest country. It is characterized by a continental climate especially in the Eastern part of the country. 191 countries are party to the Agreement as of 2021. Except in the most sheltered sections of Crimea, winter in Ukraine is bitterly cold, with average temperatures below freezing. Yakutsk, Russia. The world's coldest countries are spread around the planet but share common geographical characteristics. Still, there are some states where it gets so cold, it brings the average temperature of the U.S. way down. any time of the year. Usually, the river in the city freezes between November and April. Canada 3. The average temperature on the coast in January and February is slightly below freezing, and in July and August, it is around 18 C (64 F). Because of the constant presence of snow, the Finns have left an indelible impact on the Winter Olympic Games, winning some of the most medals globally. Ice Cap climate, on the other hand, is characterized by no month of the year with a temperature above 32F. Norway could have been colder, but for the moderating effects of the North Atlantic and Norwegian ocean currents raising the air temperature of the coastal areas. It experiences mild to hot summers and mild to cold winters. Winters in Latvia are chilly and dark with frequent snowfall during the winter. KAZAKHSTAN 3. It is a flat region with a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea. Finnmarksvidda in central Norway has the coldest winters, but it is not the coldest place in Norway; the coldest temperature ever recorded in the country was at Karasjok in the far northeastern section. Iceland is another Nordic country to make it to the list of 25 coldest countries on the planet. Yes, there are mountains covered in snow, but there are also temperate zones. Khujand (or Khodzhent) lies in the Fergana Valley, where the Syr Darya runs at 350 meters (1,150 feet) above sea level. There, gadgets freeze up, batteries die, and residents eat mostly meat with no grown crops and near-impossible transportation. The Polar Tundra climate keeps Iceland perpetually cold, with chilly summers around 50F and winters with an average of 37F in January. In Pictures: Top 10 coldest places of the world Canada, Greenland, Finland, Antarctic are among the coldest places on Earth. Here is a list of the coldest countries in the world. Oh, Canada; many know you are cold, but making it to the top of this list is impressive for the second-biggest country in the world. Sweden is known for its long, harsh, and numbing winters. Belarus is renowned for its continental climate, with exceptionally harsh winters and relatively mild summers. The paper concludes that there is a serious risk of release of potentially dangerous viruses frozen for thousands of years in these ice sheets leading to global pandemics and even endemics. Yakutsk, Russia. Norway's beautiful mountains are under an even-more shiver-worthy Polar Tundra climate with lower degrees. Oh Canada! On February 6, 1933, a temperature of -67.7 C (-89.86 F) was recorded in Oymyakon, Russia. Most countries in our list of the 25 coldest countries in the world had lower mean annual temperatures from the years 1901 to 2016 according to the World Bank. However, you can find temperatures as low as -30 C (-22F) further north. Meteorologists measured it at -51.2C (-60.2F) in January 1999. Each of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) varies drastically from north to south. While winter temperatures usually stay around 21.7 degrees Fahrenheit (5.7 degrees Celsius), the coldest temp recorded here is -46.3 degrees Fahrenheit (-43.5 degrees Celsius)! Snowy and mountainous, Austrias another must-have on any list of cold countries in the world. There are 5 primary types of climate according to the KppenGeiger climate classification system: tropical, dry, temperate, continental, and polar climates. Top 50 coldest countries in the world On this article, we talk about the 25 coldest international locations on the UPDATED: Top 10 Gold Producing Countries | USGI. Arizona is the second most humid places in the world because of the average humidity level of 77.1%. The highest elevations of the Tatra Mountains feature a high mountain climate with mild winters, pleasant summers, and plenty of precipitation throughout the year. What is the coldest country in the world? Latvia is a country located in Northern Europe on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. More quiz info >> Slovakia is yet another landlocked country in Central Europe to make it to the list of 25 coldest countries in the World. If youre packing for a trip here, then I hope a few of your favorite things include snow bibs and a ski mask. The Plateau region stays at an average temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit (8.9 degrees Celsius). Norway 7. Keep an eye on your inbox- Ill be in touch with some cool stuff soon! Thats right, in this post, Im going to be talking about 20 of the coldest countries in the world. Yes, states like Florida and Texas are warm and attract sunbathers, yet some states can be quite frigid to live in. It has a standard continental climate, which means the summers are relatively mild but it gets cold in the winter. In February 1933, this region dropped to -90 degrees Fahrenheit, or -68 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in Yerevan can drop to -5C in the winter and even lower in the Ararat Valley (-30C) and the Lake Arpi area (-46C). Nature gives back to the resilient Scandinavians with northern lights that commonly color the skies from the end of August to early April in the northern part of the country. Fancy visiting the hottest countries in the world? These are the coldest countries in the world by annual mean temperatures. Finland is another Nordic country to make it to the list of 25 coldest countries on Earth. In the winter, temperatures hover around -40 degrees Fahrenheit (also -40 degrees Celsius). ), 20 Best Books on Finding Your Purpose [Epic Books on Purpose], 10 Primary Disadvantages of Tourism [Problems with Tourism]. On July 21, 1983, temperatures at Antarcticas Vostok Station plummeted to -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or -89.2 degrees Celsius! With this context in mind, lets now proceed to our list of the 25 coldest countries in the world. 3.Russia - Below 0C in Summer. Kuwait - 38.84C Kuwait is a country in the Middle East that borders the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The coldest time in the country is when the Siberian Anti Cyclone arrives, and the temperature lowers to minus 3040 C. Belarus also sees a lot of snowfall throughout the winter season, which lasts from December to early March. In the other regions, the climates notoriously unpredictable! Finland is characterized by a Subarctic climate. The temperature gradually drops in the interior in January and February, with daily averages of around -1 degree Celsius (30 F) on the coast (Klaipeda), slightly lower in the central area (Kaunas), and even lower in the east, where it reaches -3.5 C (25.5 C) in Vilnius, Lithuanias coldest city. These storms create much bigger problems for low elevation islands located far from the sea. In this article, we discuss the 25 coldest countries in the world. Russia - 21.9F. However, winter temperatures might drop below zero. Its especially enjoyable if you can find a locale that takes advantage of its blustery climate and offers winter adventures, like skiing or snowboarding, for tourists and residents. Bear in mind that some countries might not be the coldest in general but have sections that surpass other naturally cold countries, for instance, Canada and Sweden, which both have harsher areas than some other countries. One branch of this current, which runs around the west coast of Spitsbergen, affects the Arctic polar climate. . Along the coast, its common for temps to drop below freezing, but they hover around 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) in the warmest summer months. The lowlands in the south average 32F in winter, while the northern portion registers around 14F, and the lowest temperature on record is -39.5F. Berlin, Germany. This, in turn, results in coastal erosion. In the last 71 years, the coldest day was reported in January 2021 by the Bialystok weather station, where the temperature dropped to -13.7 F. The harsh and cold winters cover several valleys' landscapes and mountain slopes with snow. Indoor activities and visits to ski resorts are the most common ways to pass the time during a Georgian winter. There are two sets of data based on different number of years. Although not all of the countrys areas have the same temperature, the United States is considered one of the worlds coldest countries. The temperature in winter gets as low as 22F in the month of January and winter lasts from November through March. Mongolia is a small country situated in east-central Asia. Yakutsk is the city and capital of Sakha Republic, Yakutia, situated in northeastern Russia. Greenland 6. from below 42.8 F to 50 F. The Central Plateau still gets snow in the spring, and the Alps even get snow in the early summer. Top 50 Coldest Countries by Average Temperature Can you name all 50 coldest countries in the world by annual average temperature? Kazakhstan 5. With more than 175,000 residents, Norilsk is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over 100,000. FINLAND 8. Verkhoyansk, Russia. Norway: - 34.70F 5. Top 10 gold producing countries Gold is among the rarest components on the earth, making up between 0.001 and 0.006 All of it, even the Northern Lights, can be explained with science and geography, but let us keep it under the veil of Mother Nature's human character and magical touch. Recording a reading of -92.3C, this dry, cold desert was declared the coldest place on Earth, beating the previous record at the Vostok station (see below), which had stood since 1983. Alaska is the coldest state in the U.S. Alaska's average temperature is 28.1F (-2.7C) and can go as low as -30F (-34C) during the winter months. Poland is a Central European country that is characterized by a continental climate with mildly warm summers but very cold winters. With temperates getting down to -51 degrees Celsius, Norways definitely one of the coldest countries on earth! These are the world's coldest countries. The Fohn winds blow all year long and bring the heat with them, and the frigid Bise winds, which blow from the northeast, are most common in the winter and spring. The temperature is usually subfreezing in winters in inland zones. You can skip our detailed analysis of the climate classification system, and go directly to the 5 Coldest Countries in the World. The regions with Ice Cap climates, as the name implies, remain covered in Ice Caps. When you think of Sweden, you might picture frolicking through a field of colorful tulips while the sun shines down and the blue skies swirl above. Every year, a large number of hikers and winter sports enthusiasts go to Norway. Although the country can be hot in the summer, the countrys irregular rains can cause temperatures to drop at any time of year. There isn't a summer in Greenland's icy layered country. According to a. published in the journal of Environmental Sustainability, frozen pathogens are being released into the environment annually due to the melting permafrost, Many steps are being taken to limit carbon emissions to slow down climate change. Ice Cap climate, on the other hand, is characterized by no month of the year with a temperature above 32F. The country experiences very brief and mild summers but long and severe winters with subfreezing temperatures. These climates permit for delicate to heat summers and delicate to chilly winters. These are the coldest countries in the world by annual mean temperatures. Let's go through 20 of them 1. The average yearly temperature in Slovakia is 10 degrees Celsius (51 degrees Fahrenheit), with an average temperature of -3 degrees Celsius (26 degrees Fahrenheit) in January, the coldest month of the year. The annual rainfall for the region is 550 mm. 1.Antarctica - Below 100 below zero. That year, temperatures reached -42 degrees Fahrenheit (-41 degrees Celsius)! It happened on January 23, 1971, at Prospect Creek Camp, near the Arctic Circle in Alaska. While these are some of the coldest countries in the world, there are plenty more teeth-chattering destinations to check out. In January, the temperature gets as low as 34F. ANTARCTICA QnA for Coldest countries in the world Is there anything better than the first chill of the season? The summertime population of this research is 200 and the winter time population is 50. However, the average has . Verkhoyansk is one of the coldest cities in the world. Denmark experienced its coldest temperature ever recorded at -31.2 C in January 1982, as per the Denmark Meteorology Institute. ESTONIA 9. Fortunately, the average sits at 20.55F (-6.36C), which seems positively toasty compared to that record low of -17.18C. Yet the more mountainous regions are an entirely different story. In the winter, the Himalayas operate as a barrier against the chilly winds from Central Asia, and they also serve as the northern edge for monsoon rains. They have adapted their lifestyles to the countrys harsh temperatures and flourish in this frigid climate. Fairbanks, Alaska. Wed be using data from the World Bank for this purpose. ], 130 Perfect Palm Tree Quotes [Plus Palm Tree Captions! Russia 2. Slovakia 25. The Fairbanks area has the coldest temperature, with -51C (-60F) as the lowest recorded temperature. The air and sea temperatures are already rising due to the absorption of more and more heat from the atmosphere. January is the coldest month in places like Beijing, but notably colder farther north in places like Harbin (which is famed for the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival). You're so darn cold. The temperature in the winter goes as low on average as -4F particularly due to cold air masses arriving from Russia. Located in Northern Europe, Finland is one of the most remote countries in the world. All these factors consequently come together to contribute to more frequent storms like Hurricanes and Typhoons. Mongolia features a dry continental climate with short summers and freezing temperatures in winter. China 20. Currently, the highest officially registered temperature is 56.7C (134F), recorded in California's Death Valley. The four-month winters are characterized by an average of -4F, extreme snowfall, blizzards, and cold gusty winds that induce a hibernation mode in residents until it is over. Take a look at Greenland. With all of the wind-chilly temperatures, some hotels even feature heated doors. While it doesnt have the coldest temps on Earth, youll still want to bundle up if you travel here. When it comes to continental climates, you have mild summers and very cold winters, particularly in its subarctic type. It is the second coldest country in the world 2023. Finland ranks sixth with a mean temperature of 35.06F and a record-low of -60.7F. Recognized as the countrys highest peak, The Grossglockner has seen temps as low as -11.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-24 degrees Celsius). The coldest day here occurred on January 28, 1999, in the city of Kittil. But even a little maritime warm-up cant keep it from getting extra chilly at certain times year! Georgia 1. At least 23 countries have recorded maximum temperatures of 50C (122F) or above. Officially, the Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, is a small landlocked country in Central Asia with a surprisingly varied climate. From there, just select the country you want to see the results for. The northern reaches see relatively mild summers and frigid winters with common -40F readings and landscapes under full snow cover for months. The temperature in Antarctica goes as low as 100 degrees below zero. It also contains some of the world's coldest and hottest places in one nation and produces ironic and unlikely conditions in others. Sweden might not boast the coldest temperatures in the world, but it still gets insanely cold sometimes! Finland has one of the longest winter seasons, lasting around 100 days in the southwestern regions and 200 days in the northern Lapland region. It has even dropped as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, or -4 degrees Celsius. 1. Sweden also connects to the Lapland region, along with Finland. You know, the scenery that defined The Sound of Music! Located within the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, the park is super cold. I hope this post helps! The Northern European country must stay cold with chilly neighbors like Sweden, Norway, and Russia. During November and March, temperatures may rise above freezing, with the warmest April and October having temperatures peak at around 100.4F in the southern Gobi region. According to UNESCOs Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, climate change has caused a. rise in temperature in the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland over the last 50 years. ], 10 Best Types of Vacations and Who They Suit, 30 Fun Facts about Mexico [2022 Interesting Mexico Facts], 15 Cheapest Islands to Visit Next [Affordable Island Vacations], An Essential Google Map Trip Planning Guide [2022], 101 Amazing Ways to Say Good Luck on Your New Journey, 45 Fun Facts about India Everyone Should Know [Top India Facts! Switzerland. Substantial and small mountainous regions, hills, and lowlands make up Austrias scenery. When it comes to the coldest countries on Earth, Denmarks up there, but it definitely doesnt take the top spot. However, it can get a little cold in the winter, so keep that in mind as you plan your next trip to Reykjavk! In certain. 1. So companies like First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: FSLR), Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGI), Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) and SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) are significantly popular in Sweden. The legally binding Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015 to keep the mean rise in global temperature below 2 above pre-industrial levels and to make efforts to take the mean rise below 1.5 above pre-industrial levels. Poland enjoys mildly warm summers and extremely cold winters. The extremes in the interior of northeastern Siberia dipped to a historic low of -89.86 F on February 6, 1933, in Oymyakon. Coldest: 55.3 C (67.5 F) Mean Annual Temperature: 33.1F (0.61C) 02. KAZAKHSTAN 3. This region is subject to sudden wind gusts, precipitation, and dramatic temperature drops resulting in rapid visibility loss. Due to arid characteristics, summers are unusually hot but winters are more severe due to the continental aspect of the climate. Its official name is the Kyrgyz Republic. The summer temperatures in Israel is usually somewhere in the high 80's (27C) and 90's (32C) where some areas in the country such as Massada and . It is not the coldest, but it does have one of the longest winters and the most challenging weather. The four seasons are highly pronounced but with moderate to severely cold winters. There are significant cold waves in the winter, with temperatures as low as -20 C (-4 F), and temperatures as high as 45 C (113 F) in the summer, from June to August. Norilsk, Russia. earns the record for the coldest-ever temp in the country, dropping to -66.5 degrees Fahrenheit, or -54.7 degrees Celsius, in February 2021. The country experiences a continental, semiarid, and subtropical climate which dramatically changes with elevation. Switzerland lies between 45 and 47 degrees north of the equator. 7. It is part of the Arctic Circle with a mean annual temperature of 35.78F, and a record-low of -63.4F in Malgovik, Vsterbotten County. Ukraine is an Eastern European country that is characterized by a continental climate with mildly warm summers and snowy and cold winters. Mongolia: - 30.74F When you live in an extremely cold place, learning to layer is a must-have skill 4. countries are party to the Agreement as of 2021. Like Finland, parts of the country can also get hot in the summer, but the northern areas stay very cold all year. The largest city of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and it's summer capital, Srinagar, lies on the banks of the Jhelum river and is also one of the coldest places of India. Mongolia is known for being a sparsely populated country with less natural resources and forests than most other countries. Look at that natural beauty! But if you are looking at the coldest place in the world, you should definitely check out Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan. 1. The temperature in winter gets as low as. Temperatures in the northern portion of the country range from 15 degrees Celsius in the summer to well below -40 degrees Celsius in the winter. However, coastal areas experience temperate to oceanic climates with both mild summers and winters. Athens registers an average temperature of 18.4 C annually with the hottest month being July at 28.4 C. On average, temps here fluctuate between 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius) near the coast to -76 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 degrees Celsius) as you move closer inland. February is the coldest month, with an average temperature of -5.7C (21.7F). Most of the counties in Norway border the coastline, so in theory, this should be one of the warmer countries in Northern Europe. In the winter, its common for temperatures to stay around -4 degrees Fahrenheit, or -20 degrees Celsius. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country and another Central European country to make it to the list of 25 coldest countries in the world. Russia's inhabited village of some 500-900 permanent residents is one of the world's top-coldest permanently-inhabited settlements. Summers in northern Nepal are temperate and winters are harsh, while summers in the south are pretty hot and winters are moderate to chilly. The island states and countries with an ocean shore often see warmer temperatures along the coast, while inland countries orientate themselves south-north from warmest to coldest. Not every part of Russia stays cold around the clock, but the parts that do will take your breath awayliterally. Sweden has a similar climate to the rest of Europe, yet it is one of the coldest countries in the world during the winter. If you compare this to the rest of the country, youll notice that this area has a relatively warm climate, which explains why its one of the most populous. Latvias lowest recorded temperature was -43.2 C, according to Viborg. While it's technically a continent, there are no separate countries within it, so it's essentially the only country on the continent! 8. Coldest cities in the world. Georgia generally has a continental climate but experiences localized alpine climates in the eastern and western regions. About 80 days of the year, a blanket of snow covers Kyiv, and the country is at its coldest when the Siberian Anticyclone settles in the country; temperatures might dip to -30 C (-22 F) or even lower during these times. The country with two months of summer and no sunlight for the rest of the year over large areas, at least, can enjoy the "White Nights" in St. Petersburg. Thankfully, there are plenty of destinations that fit the bill. Photo KnowInsiders Contents 1. The temperature in winters in Latvia during the months of January and February reaches as low as 24F. Earlier, this country was not among the top five countries that are the coldest, but the temperatures recorded last year shifted it to this position. Imagine a year with 200 days of winter thats how cold it is in Finlands Lapland region. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Kazakhstan occurred in the city of Atbasar, which dipped to -70 degrees Fahrenheit (-57 degrees Celsius)! Countries that are located at or closer to either of the two poles experience colder climates than countries that are farther. In Austrias alpine regions, the average temperature drops roughly 41 degrees Fahrenheit (or five degrees Celsius) for every 985 feet of elevation you gain. The temperature in the North remains sub-freezing during peak winter months. Armenia is located in the Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Will You Visit One of the Coldest Countries in the World? Even though it is not a country, it is the coldest region on Earth and is covered in snow all year round. Natives in Yakutsk are so used to surviving the harsh . It should come as no surprise that some of America's coldest cities are located in its northernmost state, Alaska.In Fairbanks, the average low temperature was a nose hair-freezing -16F (January), with an average high of 3F. During the winter, other parts of Greenland experience temperatures as low as -50 C (-58F). These climates allow for mild to warm summers and mild to cold winters. Russia is the coldest country in the world in terms of the coldest temperature ever recorded. Latvia is a country located in Northern Europe on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. 3. In that area, the coldest temp ever recorded was -56.9 degrees Fahrenheit (-49.4 degrees Celsius). Latvia also receives 667 mm of rain each year, making the shoulder seasons a bit chilly also. The United States of America is the worlds third-largest country by land area, stretching from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Atlantic in the East.

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