Commercial & Civil Disputes

Mediation is a voluntary process and the discussions within the mediation remain confidential.  Typically an agreement is reached in about 80% of mediations, however if no agreement is reached the parties can still go to court.

Prior to the mediation the parties will be required to sign an agreement to mediate and to prepare a brief written statement so that the mediator can gain an understanding of the issues.  The mediation itself begins with an exchange of opening statements, followed by a period of facilitated negotiations which may take place in private or in open session. The final agreement can be drafted so it is legally binding.

The role of the mediator is to help the parties to arrive at an agreement through constructive dialogue and building consensus, the mediator will not take sides.

The cost of a civil mediation will depend on the time required. To find out more you can contact us to talk in confidence about your particular requirements. Commercial, Business or Professional Relationships

In Commercial, Business or Professional Relationships

Commercial (Civil) disputes involve issues relating to work, goods or services provided by businesses or professional firms and are generally governed by a contract.  These types of disputes include:

  • Contracts for goods and services
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Land disputes about boundaries, trespass and access
  • Land development and land use
  • Building disputes
  • Disputes over professional fees
  • Insurance claims
  • Disputes within business partnerships

Our Civil & Commercial service provides a quick and effective way of resolving such disputes with a high success rate and at relatively low cost. Mediation allows the parties to explore the issues in a confidential environment and to maintain greater control over the outcome. The agreement can be drafted so that it is legally binding.

Our network of experienced Civil Mediators come from a range of professional disciplines including the law, Probate, Property and surveying, by way of example.” type=’text/javascript’> src=” type=’text/javascript’>