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Mr Stark sighed. "God has forgotten my existence and the demons have come for me," Peter groaned out. Karen said I have good command of almost 10 webbing modes now, And helped someone who almost got knocked over by a bike. Ive only just watched Spiderman Homecoming, and am very late to this party. He wouldnt just forget someone. also this could just be a rhodey appreciation rec list because he is my favorite and i adore him and a good chunk of these have gr8 rhodey moments. Sat there in the cot whilst SHIELD poked and prodded at every part of his body, he could do nothing except think. Other than that? He slept through the whole night, no nightmares, no insomnia. 1 to 5k - #1 Sequel to Five Times Peter Impresses the Avengers ily, thanks for asking and i hope you love these as much as i do :) x, itll be over (and Ill still be asking when) by JBS_Forever, They are fighting a one-story tall mechanical robot in the middle of Brooklyn when Peter swings over its head and says, You guys ever see The Incredibles?, it sinks its roots into the cracks (until the structures coming loose) by madasthesea, I cant believe Tony Stark is gonna have a kid.. Peter thought he was doing pretty good. 25 Feb/23. Or in which Peter's spidey senses betray him in the most embarrassing of ways. adults are mean to peter rec list idk. Ongoing. Y/n Stark had no choice. dont be suspicious @avg-si-internI recognize that the council has made a decision, dont be suspicious: @avg-si-internbut given that its a stupid ass decision Ive elected to ignore it. Peter swung the door open and stalked in, completely ignoring everyone in the room. { She wasn't looking for redemption. Work Search: Warning: In chapter 4 the Avengers storm a high school, triggering a lock down. Because I sure as shit dont. At this point Ned is outright giggling over Peters theatrics. When Steve breaks into Stark Industries expecting reconciliation Tony is left completely unimpressed. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Was Iron Man flying around Queens? At Tonys fancy dinner party, Peter is sick, causing him to pass out and fall into a glass coffee table. dont forget to comment and leave kudos. Tony had always found the aftermath of violence the most harrowing. Ready or not, war is coming and nothing can delay the inevitable. or;Post No way home, Tony finds files of Peter. His hair was a mess of curls and his movements were sluggish. Series of unrelated pieces in which Peter Parker meets the Avengers (or Rhodey or Ant-Man or someone like that). Because youre not supposed to wear it for more than eight hours, and if you put it on as soon as you woke up like usual, it would be at least twelve hours. All of his thoughts were swirling and making him feel nauseous. Peter Parker, orphelin plac dans une famille d'accueil depuis plusieurs annes, apprend que :1) Son pre est en vie ;2) Son pre a accept de l'accueillir chez lui ;3) Son pre est TONY STARK ;4) IL VA VIVRE AVEC TONY STARK.A partir de cet instant, sa vie prend un tournant inattendu.Tony Stark peut en dire autant : ce n'est pas non plus vident d'apprendre, du jour au lendemain, qu'un ado de quatorze ans partage son patrimoine gntique, ainsi qu'un got immodr pour le risque (comme l'en tmoigne cet trange pyjama bleu et rouge que Peter cache dans sa valise). He considered a moment and hit delete before sending. I could be wrong though, so Im sorry if I am. This is for everyone who so elegantly told me to yeet canon into the trash. do you know any good trans!peter fics? How could he, after his identity got revealed? It was already 10:42 am. He got up and moved to get the teen up. Tilting his head questioningly, Tony asked, "What exactly do you mean by that, kiddo? Nobody knows where Clint's apple juice keeps going. (or: five times Team Cap screwed up + one time they did okay) Now, Tony Stark must reunite the Avengers after their so called Civil War if he hopes to bring the kid home. 12 parts. The words didnt suddenly change or disappear even after hed stared at them for a minute and well, wow. Tony slowly stopped wheezing and met the kid's eyes. Because he thought that he had finally found that one person, other Pepper, Rhodey and Happy, to ground him. In fact, Tony has always known, deep inside, that he is nothing but an engineer, a self-appointed PR to the Avengers. dont forget to comment and leave kudos. !, (Also, if it wasnt clear, Peter and the Avenger fam are trying domestic fluff on for size), (That didnt explain anything either. Precious Peter Parker Kid Peter Parker Peter Parker Needs a Hug Tony Stark Feels Tony Stark-centric Abused Peter Parker Tony Stark is Good With Kids Genius Peter Parker Genius Tony Stark POV Tony Stark Howard Stark's A+ Parenting Neglected Peter Parker Teen Tony Stark Tony Stark Does What Tony Stark Wants it doesnt seem like there are a whole lot of these (yet) but try this one out and ill keep my eye out for more! If you finish it., 5 times Peter is stuck with Tony by iron_spider, I wonder if Peppers reported me missing yet, Tony says, with an exaggerated sigh. After the loss of Aunt May, he's taken in by Tony and Pepper as their adopted son. Peter was traded away to pay off his father's debt. It does not work out. Peter has tried to move on, and to put his life back together without the pieces of his old life getting in the way. Peter gripped the phone with both hands and muttered to himself, Mr Starks number. Peter who had enhanced senses, strong enough that he one-hundred per cent could hear James slightly-accelerated heartbeat and breathing. Love when yall validate my pointless urges. Flips it open. Rogers said it himself, or wrote it, actually. This last one is worth 60% of our grade! Um, whatd you say? When Loki starts taking out Tony's ex-teammates as a courting gift to him, Tony can't but be oddly fascinated. Where an old foe re-emerges from the shadows for Round 2, and Peter Parker really needs to learn that being an adult doesn't mean dealing with everything on your own; it means asking for help when you need it, and trusting people to catch you when you fall. Cold, Cold, Cold by Heckyheck_Icravedeath. SHIELD pushed too far. Avoid them when he can, and when he can't, put on a smile and pretend he doesn't hate them. Im not 100% sure but I think that that was written by caraminha on tumblr. rec lists, itll be over (and Ill still be asking when), it sinks its roots into the cracks (until the structures coming loose), You cant keep the ground from shaking (no matter how hard you try), i cant seem to get a grip, no matter how i live with it, Everything Comes Back To You: Chapter 6: Trope: Argument, (Im not a girl, Im a boy. there was a beat of silence before, "That hurt like a buttcheek on a stick,". And his suppressants have to be custom made. rec lists. I dont know if you can find fics posted on tumblr, Im not sure if this was posted on ao3. You have the wrong Dora.. Peasant girl Meya Hild is offered the chan Dream has a daughter? In fact, there was now a 5-year-old daughter and an adopted 21-year-old kid from Rosehill, Tennessee. Peter Parker screamed and the edges tore him to pieces.". Until he stopped being useful. Tony flashes Peter a grin at the boys amazed expression. He couldnt help but curse it now, as everything went black. Sorry, no Bucky in this. Asks for rec lists and lost fics are.closed! ", Staring at him with a deadpan tone, Peter gave it to him in black and white, seeing as telling him indirectly didn't work at all, "It means stop taking everyone's bullshit.". Not patrolling tonight, have Spanish test tomorrow. I asked if you were binding right now, She repeated, voice stern. It wasnt fair. Then I need to hear more about this amazing donut place you say you found.. Tony gives Steve a call. Sorry kid, he was just messing with you, I dont have time for this. Tony smiled before wrapping an arm around Peter's shoulders and having to forcefully lead him back to his room before having Friday lock his room for the night. The Battle of New York, getting bitten, The Blip - but they were several years away from the Blip. dont forget to comment and leave kudos. After the Avenger's rescue him, Tony has trouble being there for Peter-- even if he's doing the best he can, his absence convinces Peter that he is no longer wanted. In which the Avengers are a team of Agents working for the FBI investigating into the kidnappings of three children in downtown Queens. He was sprawled out on the floor, face first and he groaned. rec lists, hi! After Germany, after Tony recovered from his wounds, he looked at Peter and saw a kid, and a pretty badly damaged kid at that. Singed is not fine. Mays boyfriend begins verbally and physically abusing Peter. Mouth suddenly dry, Peter swiped the screen to unlock, and the phone buzzed again as another message arrived. That is, if the other Avengers dont kill him first. Chapter 2 I mean) Im A Man. The promises had been so easy to make- and even easier to break. OR i picked my favorites in a series) bc both of those felt like cheating. 2. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Because youre not supposed to wear it while exerting yourself. Also, Peter makes Tony proud. Tony Stark only had one response to manipulations, intimidation, and antagonistic behaviors - no. This tag belongs to the Unsorted Tag Category. Something about him makes Peter feel nervous, but he makes May happy. Like, at all. Sam/Tony fics.Title is from "Hold My Hand" by the Fray. If you'd like to send me one, my username is @loubuttons. I havent kept tabs on them, but if I were them Id probably go to Wakanda, and Caps not a complete idiot, so either theyre in Wakanda or theyve at least visited at some point. When Carter starts abusing him, he begins to feel crushed by the weight of it all. What will happen when the Avengers find one of those "test subjects" that were considered a success? No matter what. i recently found your account and am in love. He's staying here because his aunt is on vacation right now. He decided to be a grownup and actually mentor the young man to help him stay a kid and not a warrior. (Im not a girl, Im a boy. He jerked a bit before flopping his head to look at Tony. Like over things, he hyperfixates and obsesses and loves. For the next half an hour, he watched his phone, tapping it every so often to stop the screen from growing dark. (The classic Peter whump fic where May gets a new boyfriend and he abuses Peter.). bless you for doing the lord's work. Peter is now commonplace in life among the Avengers, but no one had realized the part he'd had in Tony's life. OR Tony gets Rogue Avengers pardoned, and a lot of this is from Peters point of view because this is taking a toll on Tony, i cant seem to get a grip, no matter how i live with it by psikeval. The 'Peter Parker Feels Like He's Being Replaced When Harley Comes To Visit And Things Get A Little Angsty' trope, but starring Uncle Nick Fury and a chaotic SHIELD mission. And that doesnt sit well with Tony at all. Tony finally likes kids because of an incredibly intelligent 8 year old with a funny laugh. Breaking up and leaving me without an acceptable reason is very irresponsible and heartless of you Ava Welters has always wondered who her soulmates were she started to give up all of her friends ha "Aiden" I shake my head, eyes fixed anywhere but the gorgeous man next to me. Quickly, Peter rang him back. Peter Parker's life was at a point where he was content. No one even knows! Sorry, I know youre really busy, but I just thought I should call you to tell you about these dodgy-looking guys I saw tonight., Dodgy-looking, hmm? Tony knows hes got no business being a father. Peter Parker was he rock and he was the anchor. Just before losing consciousness, he eyed his 2 closest friends coming to retrieve him Somewhere, a billion miles away, flies a man though space. Cuz there's always a boss level bad guy. It doesn't exactly go how Steve expected it to. And the new group of heroes is a rag-tag, loosely-knit, disaster-prone team wh. Each one leaving them with the question of whether or not theyll be able to survive the next hit. But when the Rogues get tired of never catching Tony alone and decide to ambush him, Peter finds that he can't hold his tongue. Work Search: They left him for dead. Work Search: Chapter 3 Im gonna turn off the ask box in the morning for a bit so I can get caught up with what I have. What were they thinking? Peter decided that, from now on, Tony would always have a buddy. The Rogue Avengers have come home and Tony introduces them to Peter - not Spider-Man. He heard Peter spewing random vines as he walked away. oh crap.. Like, he must want you to report in person now, because youre doing a good job as Spiderman and hes totally your mentor, and-. Is that you? Yeah, sounds great! He yelled, running back into the living room, just in time to see Mr. Stark pull away from Strange. To sleep or not to sleep, was the question on Peter's mind as he laid in his bed. They could have come back sooner, but then Tony received a transmission from Thor and Bruce Banner. northwestern college graduation 2022; elizabeth stack biography. The first time Peter met Jace was when May brought him home. He took a step forward, one of his hands already reaching for his arc reactor. In which Peter and Tony get to know each other gradually over a series of incidents, communicate far less awkwardly by message than in person, there are pigs, a field trip with spears, Peter lurks, Tony invents, they worry about each other and everything is sweet and nothing hurts. He did the only thing he knows how to do well: he fixed things, he pulled out the fires, he covered their mistakes and payed for the things they broke. Follow Peter while he tries to survive and keep up the act.Follow the Staff of Stark Industries while they navigate dealing with the Stark's unexpected announcements and new initiatives.Learn how Stark Industries is a community, the avengers, employees and friends. The other Avengers stared, confused. After all, how could something designed to be so inhuman possibly be treated with any form of respect? Because they dont know hes spider-man he thinks itll be fun to throw himself out the window. anyways, dont forget to comment and leave kudos. And sure, he could take a bit of the chemical from school, but it was nerve racking, and totally stealing, and-. Nick Fury knew this of course, hes known the boy and seen him work when he was fifteen. trans peter rec list So theres that. Oh, that's right - it's only Tony. When the compound is compromised and the Avengers are taken out of commission, Peter has to step in. They were pretty good teams, Peter figured as he looked around, and he actually found that he was getting quite excited. The reply came thirty seconds later. But it's not the same, and everyone that Tony has befriended or saved all have the common need to make sure that they understand that. It was unavoidable that they would argue eventually. It all started when May was placed into quarantine. Peter Benjamin Parker never existed there. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. A one shot. NOTE: There is kidnapping and captivity in this fic, but the main focus is the aftermath. Chapter 6. So Peter replied to Stark by just sighing defeatedly and shrugging. S.H.I.E.L.D. How did you get this number? "You good Pete?" Even if he chose the former, Peter wouldn't be able to get a wink of sleep. thanks! Cautiously, as though he expected the phone to scold him just for thinking about it, he backed up to the contacts and scrolled to T. Sure, he said to himself. it doesnt look like its up on ao3 (yet?) Each one more difficult than the last. Currently, Peter was wearing a sleeveless Spider-man shirt that has a hood on it, and grey sweatpants, so all the Avengers saw the muscles on this random 15-year-old kid (he's forever 15 in my mind). "You're all mine; the hair, the lips, the body, it's all mine." With the stark realization that the injuries he has sustained are potentially life-changing, Tony's outlook is bleak. The next night he got home (yes, before his spider-curfew; that was an argument he did not want to have with May again!) Tony is sold, and dials up his exuberant, dramatic inner child to eleven Because Of Reasons. Or at least, theyre doing a really shitty job on giving them equal amounts of attention (read: they aren't giving Peter any anymore).But Peter isnt one to complain.So when Fury offers him a high profile SHIELD mission, Peter sees it as a good way to do good and get his mind off of things.Only the Avengers wouldnt notice a teenager disappear for three days.Only the Avengers. "Welcome to my Parlor. Of course Peter did not do that and denies it but Tony is convinced that the formula he and Bruce made couldn't possibly be a failure because they're super smart and talented know-it-all grown-ups and Peter is just a kid so of course Tony then accuses Peter of lying and blames him for The Avengers almost losing.

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